July 28, 2020

Matt Muller New Orleans Discusses How Ultimate Frisbee Pickup Groups Can Bring Communities Together

Matt Muller New Orleans¬†discusses how ultimate frisbee pickup groups can bring communities together.¬† Many times, sports like ultimate frisbee are viewed simply as entertaining past times. However, they can have major positive effects on the individual players as well as the community as a whole. Ultimate frisbee enthusiast Matt Muller New Orleans recently discussed how […]

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Matt Muller New Orleans
July 20, 2020

Matthew Muller Delivers Inspiring Sermon to Congregation on the Importance of Responsibility

Matthew Muller, New Orleans resident, and historian, recently was asked by a local congregation to speak on the importance of responsibility. His love for the city is evident in every action he takes, and this is the reason he dons multiple hats: teacher, lecturer, museum manager, and tour guide. His eclectic background made him the […]

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