Historian and Traveler Matt Muller New Orleans Explains Why America’s National Parks Are More Important Now Than Ever

Matthew Muller

September 9, 2020

Matt Muller New Orleans

Historian and avid traveler Matt Muller New Orleans recently explained why America’s National Parks are More important now than ever.

National parks serve as sanctuaries across the United States. They’ve essentially been a part of American history since 1864, when President Abraham Lincoln protected thousands of acres of wilderness with the Yosemite Grant Act.

It is because of Lincoln’s doing that the towering sequoias and iconic natural landmarks of Yosemite are preserved for us to enjoy today. Historian and traveler Matt Muller New Orleans recently explained why it’s more important than ever that we protect, preserve, and support America’s National Parks.

Matt Muller New Orleans explained that President Wilson officially created the National Park Service on Aug. 25, 1916. This sparked several other iconic stretches of land to become national parks, such as the creation of Grand Canyon National Park in 1919. Matt Muller New Orleans explained that one of the most amazing parts of this legislation is that presidents like Lincoln didn’t necessarily visit all of this land. Photos were enough to deem Yosemite and other lands worthy of protection.

“It’s essential that we support our national parks and preserve them for future generations. They are one of the most important parts of American history, and these lands hold countless keys to better understanding our country’s natural heritage,” historian Matt Muller New Orleans said.

Matt Muller New Orleans added that U.S. National Parks are able to transport visitors through time, as many of these lands remain the same as they were when they were first protected in the early 1900s. Matt Muller New Orleans added that many of these lands were considered holy by Native American tribes, and the fact that the lands are preserved as National Parks are what keeps that heritage alive.

“Our national parks are able to spark awe and wonder in all who visit,” Matt Muller New Orleans said. “They serve as a reminder of how interconnected humans are with nature and how essential it is to protect the land on which we love to explore and adventure.”

Matt Muller New Orleans explained that with cities expanding and Americans often sinking father into smartphones than the great outdoors, our National Parks Service serves as the reminder we need. A single visit to a national park like Yellowstone or Glacier can transform a person’s view and remind them how important it is to take care of Mother Nature and her many creatures.

“Our national parks have an uncanny ability to bring us together as┬áhumans,” Matt Muller New Orleans finished. “They help us realize our place in the world as well as the importance of preserving the heritage and natural beauty that has made us who we are. After all, we all want our children and grandchildren to enjoy the grandeur of Yosemite too.”